The Great Skywars Update!

SkyWarsMapMany people have requested it. And had to wait a long time, too long. But now your patience will be rewarded with our next server update! In which we give you: SKYWARS!

You wont notice much difference with skywars, one of the biggest changes is our hub. You dont spawn on the normal factions spawn but in the hub. From here you walk into the Skywars portal on the left, or into the factions portal on the right.

When you enter the skywars server, just walk down and you will see a pit filled with stone pressure plates. Jump on one of those pressure plates to start the game! Once enough players have joined the game will start automatic. But this isn' t everything. You get points or lose points for winning a game of SkyWars.

Posted By: twinwin Date: 3 March 2015
Hey there welcome to our website :D

FacSpawnAny questions about our server?Want to get all the highlights of and on the server?Than this is the place to be for you :D

Posted By: Twinwin Date: 23 March 2015
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